Connecting Lawyers to Lawyers

Finding the right lawyer for your special cases

Attention Lawyers: Thinking about partnering up on a case?
Have you had one of these dilemmas?

  • You're a big firm that goes after big fish, but now you have a small case you care about that might not be worth the time you invest.

  • You're a young lawyer going solo with a huge case you're not sure how to handle.

  • You have one or more pharmaceutical cases and you are not sure how to proceed.

  • You have a products liability case that you really feel good about but don’t have the money to take it all the way.

  • You have a rollover ATV case that most attorneys would run away from but you know it’s a good case.

  • You sign a wrongful death case that you know can settle, but question if settling is the wisest move.

  • You get a referral of an aviation case, the first one you've ever handled, and you wish you knew better what to do with it.

  • You get a call from a family living in the United States who requests your help in a helicopter case that occurred out of the country.

  • You sign a hot air balloon case and you're unsure of the liability on it. You want to partner but who handles these cases?

  • You work a case that changes direction and find yourself wishing you knew more about insurance law.

  • You reach a dead end on a good case and don't know how to proceed.

  • You are handling a great case, but invest everything in it, and the case needs more cash to proceed.

  • You are visiting or new to the area and need to find a local attorney, but you don't know them.

  • For whatever reason, you realize partnering is best way to maximize compensation for your client(s).

If you're looking for the best care of your case and client and a good association fee, I can connect you to a lawyer.