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When you have a questionable case of your own, a case too valuable to give up on, a case you cannot afford, a case involving something you’re unfamiliar with, like perhaps insurance law, or you signed a case that you lack experience, expertise, or time to properly pursue, or you have a case you offered to another firm who declined, or you missed your chance to connect at a lawyer’s convention, Connecting Lawyers to Lawyers is where to turn. You’re not alone if you are on the edge about whether you should take it on entirely by yourself, whether you should go out and hock your home, and put up your wife’s wedding ring. Even though I’m not a lawyer, I’ve done it too. I too have sunk everything I have and can scrape together to support a good case. And without naming names, I can admit I have plenty of lawyer friends who have done the same. It happens to everyone, because if you’re handling cases when you’re short of funds, these issues come up. You can be a seasoned attorney, and have a lot of trial experience, and be gung ho to take a big case to court, but if you just don’t have the money for the experts, you just don’t have the money to take on the big boys and girls. Business is going to fight back. Because both sides engage in legal fisticuffs, being prepared is expensive. Luckily, there’s an alternative to hocking everything you own, or going to a bank to finance your case.

And Cases Small

While all lawyers would like to win a legendary case, being a good lawyer is not always about taking on the Goliaths. Sometimes it is all about the small cases. Just because some big firm doesn’t want to take on a small personal injury case, or soft tissue personal injury case doesn’t mean that case is not valuable. Not all cases have to be huge to be of interest. Plus, small cases may come to you because you handled a client in the past. Why would you turn a loyal client away? If you signed a small case that you wish you hadn’t because your firm is only equipped to handle big cases, I can help. Some lawyers who love soft tissue personal injury cases will make you look good to your client. Some lawyers become expert in handling particular small cases because that is what they prefer. The small cases you aren’t equipped to handle are of value to someone specializing in those cases. I can help you partner with the right firm.

The most rewarding part of what I do are the many friends I have worldwide and the global connections.

Open your mind to the range of possibilities. You may have a case potentially worth $10,000 or a hundred million but if you don’t have trial experience, you don’t have the bucks to pursue it, your expertise is in other areas, or you just don’t want to stick your neck out that far, you need a solution. You could have any of dozens of reasons that make bringing in another lawyer be the best choice. Sometimes associating on a case is the only thing that gets the job done. And if that’s what you need, Connecting Lawyers to Lawyers is what you want

Connecting Lawyers to Lawyers is my company. That's what I do. Connect lawyers. Build bridges.

Connecting Lawyers to Lawyers doesn't charge you a fee. There's no catch. All it takes is a few minutes.

I Know Lawyers Who are Interested in Associating Your Good Case, Whatever the Size

I respect your client’s confidentiality. You simply provide the broad details. Big or small, whether you have an ATV case, a few small soft tissue personal injury cases, or what could be a huge case, when you need to associate with another firm, Connecting Lawyers to Lawyers connects you to a lawyer or lawyers for you to talk to about partnering. I’m just a layperson; you’re the attorney. But I am here for you if you want help negotiating with good friends of mine. The lawyer I introduce you to can help shoulder the weight. That means you get your share of the attorney fees without doing too much work (if any) once you associate it. Send a case over and reap the rewards. Of course, the courtroom is real. You might lose, if the case was no good. But in that instance, you’ll know you gave it the best shot. Maybe I can get you a bigger association fee. If you prefer, you can associate, then go about your business as the case is handled for you. You can sleep easily with the burden off your back, knowing that the lawyer I introduce you to can bring the case real justice and maximum compensation for your valued client.